Tesal Electric Car Co. Driving future generations to success.

Electric vehicles are not a new concept. What's new is affordability. Once reserved for high-class society, Tesal Electric Car Co. aims to provide consumers with a low-cost, maintenance-friendly reliable electric vehicle that won't break the bank.

GoatLife Guillotine Industries Bridging religion and modern technology.

No longer does the average Muslim need to attend sacrifices in person. GoatLife Guillotine Industries provides efficient sacrifice of goats, livestreamed over the Internet for consumption by devout Muslims. Efficient, effective, practical. Just an example of the modern innovation GoatLife Guillotine Industries provides to the world every day.

AnalAdvice, Inc. Innovative online therapy solutions.

It's embarrassing to discuss personal problems in a public setting, and AnalAdvice, Inc. is here for you. In a digital setting, we provide one-on-one counselling, advice and tips for all your anal needs. A completely anonymous service at little cost to you.